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Özbayrak Protection Techonology Industry CO. has been founded in 2007 under the leader ship of qualty and sustambility to accomolish different engineering projects.
Özbayrak has specialized since its inception about slide protection systems of cnc machine tools etc. With professional equips and has became leader company of its own in Turkey.


Özbayraks products have designed specially for each customers need to protect guides,ballscrews and probe against of CNC Machines. The products being produced provides to use machine tools for a longer period with high eficiency and reduces the maintaince costs. With the developing machine tools industry request to the faster machine tools is gradually increasing. In this case it became a requirement for protection systems to work faster. Özbayrak minds R&D studies a lot and develops different fast systems to meet this increasing requst. Özbayrak guarantees the best price and the fastest delivery time to the customers.

Study Our Principle?


For CNC Machine covers problem firsty we need toknow machines brand-model and axis for manufacturers of machines brand - model and axis for manufactures of machine, we need 30 data of covers part.

Approval Process

We search our desin archive depends an your cover reguest and in formation. If we have drawings of the cover, we directy send you an offer and wait your approval.


If we dont have dravins of cover , we request sample to get desing free of charge or we send desinger equips to your company. Drawings was sent you by us to get your approvan for production.

Last Approval Process

If we dont have dravins of requested products, we desin it for you on sample and for ward to you. After your approval about design, we start to produce it.


Approved products desing was sent to production by desinger equip. Production team produce the order in the shortest time possible.

Quality Control

Products is checked by quality departments after productions and send despatch department to send your address.

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